Love Island 2019: What did we learn from their hair?

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

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Hell hath no FURY like a hairstyle scorned (see what we did there?). Ah yes, yet another season of Love Island has come to a close, and we wouldn’t be doing our jobs properly if we didn’t offer a comprehensive comment on the most iconic hairstyles of the year – and what they said about their owners.

Molly Mae

She rocked lots of different hairstyles over her two months in the villa, but none that will be better remembered – or copied – than that iconic bun. It has the double-edged nature of being ‘messy hair don’t care’ but also – without a hair out of place – actually ‘messy hair would really care’ vibe. Know what we mean? Call us cynical, but some might say it’s a case of pretending to be a a lot more chilled than it actually is …? #justsaying


Jordan will forever go down in Love Island history for cutting off his nose to spite his face at the last hurdle, but lest we forget that, um, interesting style he rocked not once but twice? You may have forever repressed the image of those space buns, but it’s not something we’re likely to forget quickly. However, don’t forget that he scored his first kiss with Anna while sporting said hairstyle, so maybe it really did hold some otherworldly, supernatural powers? Either that, or it merely reflected the very alien behaviour he exhibited towards the end of his Love Island journey.


Sleek and straight, with barely a hair out of place, no one can argue that Anna spent 99% of her time in the villa exuding glamour. But maybe – just maybe – she could have taken herself a bit less seriously and had a little more fun doing it?


Credit to her, she did not have the easiest time in the villa – or exit – but the sad, moping, lovesick Amy is no more – as evidenced by the post break-up chop that she is seriously rocking.


This year’s Queen of the villa, Amber’s hair speaks volumes about her, which is more than fitting seeing as it’s more voluminous than every other contestant’s put together. Sporting her natural afro with pride, she’s a says it how it is kind of girl, completely and utterly true to herself, and wears her larger than life personality on her sleeve. We saw her use the tiniest bit of hair product once throughout her entire two months in the villa, reminding us that yes, she is a girl who takes her appearance seriously, but can rely on her natural beauty - both inside and out – to get her through whatever life throws at her. We stan (along with, apparently, most of the viewing public who voted her as winner.).


The antithesis to Queen Amber, Michael’s hair - a relatively short, close-cut afro – is considerably tamer, suggesting a far less relaxed vibe, reflecting his increasingly uptight nature throughout his time in the villa.


One of the standout most loveable characters of the season – especially considering his short time in the villa – Chris’s mop of hair – along with his puppy dog eyes – helped the nation fall in love with his quirky, cheeky personality.


Same same but different … Curtis’s hair carried a similar vibe to Chris’s, without the positive attachment. Maybe that’s because he was – on the whole - viewed less as a puppy dog, and more as a wolf in sheep’s clothing.


Low maintenance, chilled and chiselled – just like every other part of him (swoon.).


We could probably say more about his body hair (or lack whereof) than his actual hairstyle, but we won’t. Don’t worry.


Lucy got quite a lot of stick for her surfer-chick, au natural waves, with the public frequently begging her to use a brush. It’s quite fitting, really, seeing as she also struggled to brush off various setbacks and disagreements throughout her time in the villa! The one thing we would say – bearing in mind that she left broken hearted and pining after the guy that was once besotted with her – is that maybe she was a bit too laid back?

On to next season …

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