How-to: Summer makeup tips

Coronavirus has pretty much thrown a spanner in all the works, but there’s one thing it cannot get its claws on and that’s the summer. And, what a summer we are having (temperature-wise, anyway!). With forecasts hitting 31 this week – timed to perfection with the summer solstice - it looks like the hot weather is here to stay. Here are our top tips for keeping safe in the sun and ensuring your makeup is adequately armed to keep you looking fresh all day.

1. Moisturiser is a must

True all year round, but when it comes to keeping your skin hydrated – as well as helping your makeup go on and stay on - this doesn’t get more important than right now.

2. Prime time

An absolute must-have in helping your makeup stay put against the sweat-inducing elements. We like a lightweight one to help combat excess oil.

3. You need UV protection

During the summer, sunscreen is the only thing you should be layering on thick. And for everything else? Make sure you’re choosing cosmetic products with added SPF, too.

4. Fake your bake

Being a slave to the sun is old news – especially when you can get a coveted colour with the right products instead! Choose a good bronzer for a healthy glow that makes your eyes look brighter and teeth whiter, applying to the high points of your face where the sun would naturally hit (forehead, cheekbones, chin and nose).

5. Less is more

If there’s ever going to be a time to favour a more natural look, it’s the summer. Choose a couple of staples that you simply cannot live without (think tinted moisturiser, concealer and bronzer) and leave all the extras for when the temperature begins to drop.

Top tip: Make your own tinted moisturiser by mixing a small amount of foundation with moisturiser.

6. Stay natural

If you’re determined to keep a full face on, favour sheer, neutral shades on your eyes and lips as opposed to bolder colours and opt for an eyelash curler instead of lashings of mascara. One final note: While we all love a dewy glow, keep in mind that humidity will exacerbate shine so it’s probably a good idea to press the brakes on how much highlighter you’re using.

Top tip: Mix some highlighter with your foundation instead of applying separately. Check out our ‘bare necessities’ must-haves here.

7. Hit me BB one more time

Just a special shout-out to the wonder that is BB Cream – acting as a sunscreen, tinted moisturiser AND primer all-in-one. If there’s ever a time to add this to your repertoire, it’s now.

8. The only way is waterproof

Especially when it comes to eye-based products (unless you’re going for the panda eyes look). Choose a long-lasting liquid eyeliner for maximum staying power.

9. Choose cream over cake

Unless you’re talking about dessert - in which case the more the merrier - favour cream (or

gel) based products over powdery ones, as these are more prone to giving a cakey look in the sun – as well as drawing more attention to pores.

10. Lip love

The hot weather can be seriously drying for your lips but there’s no need to pout; keep them moisturised with a super-hydrating balm. You may also want to treat them to an exfoliating scrub twice a week to ensure a supple smoothness. And if you want to wear makeup? Choose gloss over matte for a plumper, more succulent finish and always use a liner to help keep your lipstick in place.

11. Lock it in

It’s always a good idea to end your routine with a good setting spray.

12. Don’t touch your face!

Advice we’ve become recently accustomed to anyway, but as well as keeping you healthier, it will also give your products longer staying power as the warmth from your fingers can melt makeup.

13. Blot till you drop

If you’ve got an overly oily T-zone, blot excess makeup with some blotting paper once you have finished applying.

14. Shop around for the best SPF

When makeup and sunscreen formulas are not compatible, you might find little rubbery deposits all over your face (also known as piling), so it’s definitely worth investing in a good one!

Stay tuned for our next blog where we’ll talk you through our faves!

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